Tooth Fillings

  • Stop and repair tooth damage from decay
  • Our fillings are tooth-colored with no metal
  • Relax with oral sedation if needed

Our Nashua Tooth Fillings Look Natural

Tooth fillings in Nashua are the most common dental restoration. That doesn’t mean our dentist hasn’t put a lot of thought into them. We use fillings made of sturdy, tooth-colored resin composite instead of traditional metal fillings. That’s because resin fillings offer so many benefits. Among them:

  • Natural Appearance. Resin fillings are practically invisible in your mouth. No more gray or black fillings to mar your smile!
  • Less Modification of Teeth. Our doctors don’t need to remove as much tooth structure to place a resin filling, so you are less likely to need a more extensive restoration like a dental crown in the future.
  • No Health Concerns. While there is no conclusive proof, some studies have linked the mercury used in amalgam fillings to health problems.

If you think you need dental fillings, call Nashua Dental Associates today at 603-882-2575. Our expert team will get your smile back on track in no time!

Prevent Further Dental Damage

If we find a cavity during your regular dental exam, we can go ahead and place a tooth filling at that appointment. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, which allows us to deal with dental issues right away instead of making you schedule a second visit.

Small cavities can quickly become much larger areas of decay. If that happens, you’ll need a more complex and costly restoration like a dental inlay or onlay, or even a dental crown. So tooth fillings can save you time, hassle, and expense.

Your Filling Procedure Will Feel Totally Comfortable

Because a tooth filling sometimes involves the soft pulp inside your tooth, we’ll thoroughly numb the area with a local anesthetic. We never want you to feel any discomfort! To further soothe you, we can offer:

  • Music to distract you while we work
  • Blankets to take away any chill
  • Pillows to keep your head and neck comfortable
  • Dental sedation to completely relax any anxious nerves

For tooth fillings in Nashua, call Nashua Dental Associates today at 603-882-2575. Your new restoration will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile!