Dental Sedation

  • Enjoy sedation with an easy-to-swallow pill
  • Relax with cozy pillows, blankets, and music
  • Treat yourself to our compassionate dental care

Enjoy Relaxing Smile Care With Dental Sedation in Nashua

Have you ever had a bad experience at the dentist? If you’re nervous or overwhelmed because you’ll be undergoing a dental procedure at Nashua Dental Associates, you’ll feel better knowing you can get dental sedation in Nashua if you need it. With our sedation, you’ll:

  • Remain safely relaxed while our dentist completes your procedure
  • Enjoy peace of mind afterward, knowing your smile is healthy and attractive
  • Have less anxiety about future checkups and dental work

To get the relaxed dental care your smile needs, call Nashua Dental Associates today at 603-882-2575. We’re located just across the road from Nashua High School South.

Our Sedation Will Make Your Care Comfortable & Pleasant

We use oral conscious sedation that involves giving you a pill you’ll take shortly before your procedure. People sometimes call this “sleep dentistry,” though you’ll be awake but relaxed during your procedure. If you do relax so completely that you fall asleep, we’ll be able to easily awaken you.

This form of sedation is completely safe. We’ll review your medical history prior to administering any sedation to make sure you’re a good candidate. And our team will carefully monitor you during your procedure. We’ll be able to reverse the effects of your sedation, if necessary.

After your procedure, you’ll still be a bit groggy, so you’ll need to arrange a ride home. You should experience little, if any, discomfort because we will also thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthesia before your procedure.

Sedation Proves Useful For a Variety of Situations

If you avoid visiting the dentist because of dental anxiety, you are definitely a good candidate for dental sedation. But there are other reasons to consider it too, including:

  • You find it difficult to remain still during a lengthy procedure
  • Your teeth are highly sensitive
  • You have an extreme gag reflex
  • You are getting a lot of dental work done in one visit

Ready to relax with Nashua dental sedation? Call us today at 603-882-2575 to schedule your appointment.