Root Canals

  • Feel better, not worse, after your root canal
  • Oral sedation can help calm your nerves
  • We can save your diseased tooth from extraction

Feel Better Soon With Nashua Root Canals

“Root canal” is probably one of the most feared combination of words in dentistry. But our dentist uses the latest techniques along with local anesthesia to make Nashua root canals quicker and easier than ever before. Not only that, but our compassionate staff does everything they can to keep you comfortable during the procedure. We offer:

  • Soft pillows for relaxation
  • Warm blankets to take the chill off
  • Music to distract and relax you
  • Dental sedation if you need it

Think you might need a root canal? Call Nashua Dental Associates today at 603-882-2575. Let our skilled touch stop your pain and save your tooth.

Enjoy a Comfortable Root Canal Procedure

You need a root canal when the soft pulpy material inside your tooth becomes infected and inflamed, often causing a toothache. Our dentist will:

  • Carefully remove all the infected material using modern rotary technology
  • Sanitize the inside of your tooth
  • Fill it with a durable material called gutta-percha
  • Seal your tooth with composite resin
  • Restore it with a durable dental crown

You wouldn’t want a rookie performing your root canal therapy! Fortunately, our dentist has surgical experience. Plus, our talented support staff has 70-plus years of combined experience.

Know Your Root Canal Alternatives

The usual alternative to a root canal is extracting an infected tooth, then replacing it with a dental bridge or a dental implant. Our dentist will help you determine which option is right for you. Some factors to consider are:

  • Cost. While the upfront cost of a root canal is generally more than an extraction, the total cost of an extraction is often higher after the tooth replacement.
  • Convenience. We can typically complete root canal therapy in one or two visits of about an hour each. A tooth extraction is quicker, but depending on the tooth replacement you choose, you will need to make several visits to our office.
  • Appearance. Even the best tooth replacement won’t look and feel exactly like your natural tooth.

Nashua root canals don’t have to cause you pain, especially at Nashua Dental Associates! Call us today to schedule your appointment: 603-882-2575.